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Doctor Doctor's newest meniacal scheme is very disasterous. If anyone says "yes" or "no," they turn into a zombie. Can Victor and Anita stop Doctor Doctor without saying "yes" or "no"?


  • Anita: Tell Agent Kiwoski. We're on our way.

  • Agent Kiwoski: We need that back up.

  • Agent: I'll cover you.

  • Agent Kiwoski: Now would be a really good time for that back up.
  • Victor: Hang on, Kiwoski. Back's up here.
  • Agent Kiwoski: About time.
  • Victor: Here! Over here! Aah!

  • Man: You alright, sir?
  • Woman: You alright, sir?
  • Mate: You alright, madame?
  • Guy: You alright, mate?

  • Professor Professor: What are the zombie code words, Doctor Doctor?
  • Doctor Doctor: Well, if I told you that. They would be secret code words now would they? (Laughs)
  • Professor Professor: Hmm. She's got a point.
  • Yummy Yummy Said's My Tummy: Has anyone? Any idea what these word's might be?
  • Agent: No!
  • Professor Professor: Aah! That's the one the word.
  • Yummy Yummy Said's My Tummy: Are you sure?
  • Agent: Yes!
  • Professor Professor: Aah! That was the even the word!

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