World Anthem
Episode 39
Season 2
U.S. Air date February 11, 2009
Secret Number 3012
Daily's name Engelbert Humperdinck
Preceded by Catch the Birdman!
Billed with It's a Hamster World
Followed by It's a Hamster World

"World Anthem" is the thirty-ninth episode of The Secret Show, twentieth coupled with "It's a Hamster World" and eleventh of series two. It aired on February 23, 2008. February 11, 2008 single-billed. Victor and Anita must enter the World Anthem Competition against Doctor Doctor and several T.H.E.M. agents who've formed a band. But Doctor Doctor plans to sing a song that will hypnotize the world. Who will win the Battle of the Bands?

Fluffy Bunny Show Edit

The Fluffy Bunny show begins with Sweet Little Granny explaining that her bunnies are on holiday, and instead she will be joined by a giant bear. As Ray and the UZZ agents attempt to take-over her time-slot the bear interjects, and scares them off. Granny re-engages her song, then UZZ try to discreetly steal her camera. The bear then mauls Ray.

The Story Edit

Anita and Victor sing and dance to The Secret Show theme, for Marlon, who fails them for talent. Upon entering Changed Daily's office they learn that THEM have entered the world anthem competition, and they must go find out why. Victor has a theory that includes THEM using a song to hypnotize people, but no one take hims seriously. Upon getting to the competition they meet up with Alphonse who has also entered the competition because "art takes many forms". His song however is a single monotonous beat of his tympani with him repeatedly saying "the world is dying." Later, Victor and Anita also discover that Ray and three UZZ agents have also joined the competition under the name "Raymondo and The Rayettes" Ray and the three agents he came with then discover Doctor Doctor's plan by becoming the first victims of it. She uses a song to hypnotize them (an idea she lifted from some old cartoon show).

Meanwhile during the competition Alphonse finishes his song, and Stacy Stern, the event's host, intro's Sweet Little Granny and Sweet Old Grandpa. Ray and the other agents come out of their trance like state as THEM commandeer Granny's song, and Doctor Doctor begins her song. Uzz attempt to drown her out to little a veil. Alphonse's tympani drowns her out, and he adds a new lyric,"The world is saved." Everyone applauds him to Victor's dismay. Later it's also discovered that Alphonse's song won the competition, once again to Victor's disgust.

Additional info Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Changed Daily's name of the day: Engelbert Humperdinck
  • This episode's secret 4-digit code can be found on Changed Daily's fireplace piano top during the attempted disruption of Doctor Doctor's song. The number is 3012.