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Victor Volt, or Victor Thomas Jefferson Volt is one of the main characters, along with Anita Knight, Professor Professor, and Changed Daily. He is an American recruit of UZZ, met at a comic book convention. He isn't the sharpest nail in the bucket, and often acts imature. His mother was an ex-agent of UZZ, as well as his father. In one episode, he along with Professor Professor came back from 20 years into the future to save Changed daily's life, but future Victor was knocked out before he could even say anything.

Purpose Edit

Victor is one of the main Protagonists of the show, being one of the two top agents of U.Z.Z. (second being Anita Knight) He was first chosen to be an agent at a comic book convention, chosen the way almost everybody was chosem (excluding Anita). He is also known for being Professor Professors 'lab rat' as he is usually the one prone to his experiments. In the future he will take over Changed Daily's position as U.Z.Z. leader.

History Edit

As stated above, Victor was recreted at a comic book convention, and has a love of comic books and video games in general. He currently works as one of U.Z.Z's top agents. His father is a secret agent as well and was debated in The Wobble Men Of Dimension 10. His mother is also a secret agent, but Victor was not aware of it until The Wobble Men of Dimension 10. It is discovered in Victor of the Future that Victor will take over Changed Daily's place as U.Z.Z. leader.

Personality Edit

Victor's attitude and maturity varies between scene's. At times he will act extremely immature and accidentally harm others. In other situations he will act the situation brilliantly and save the day. He has also shown jealousy towards Alphonce and even Zack Meadows. He acts this way towards Zack meadows because of his charming nature, and towards Alphonse for reasons unknown, (though this may be due to his charming nature, his flirting with Anita everytime they come into contact, or because Alphonse resents him). Overall, he's very caring towards his friends and family, and was even willing to join his father in dimension 10. (Anita and his father had to stop him from doing so).

Trivia Edit

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