Robert Jason Baron
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Planet Earth
Occupation King
Relatives Bobby Baron (son)

Victor Volt (nephew)

Mildred Volt (sister)

Lionel Volt (brother)

Status Alive
First Appearance The Secret Room and fanmade episodes
Voiced By Keith Wickham

Robert Jason Baronis one of the characters appearing in some of the episodes. He was a British citizen and has a son named Bobby.


Robert is a young man.


Robert is the mayor of The Secret Palace, where he throws a birthday party for Bobby when Anita and Victor become eight year olds. He has a partner named Changed Daily (sometimes Professor Professor).

He was often in love with a red haired female U.Z.Z. agent called "Sarah Blade". When he meets his sister, Mildred Volt, he tells her that Bobby is an aunt of her when Mildred's husband, Lionel, became a uncle of Bobby. Victor and Robert are Uncle and Nephew just like Lionel and Bobby.

In U.Z.Z.'s Greatest Mission, Roberts receives a phone call from Victor when Anita's eight year old version, Bobby, and Victor's eight year old version are kidnapped by Doctor Doctor.


  • In GoAnimate, his voice was Daniel or Hugh.