Mr Atom
Episode 21
Season 1
U.K. Air date December 9, 2006
U.S. Air date April 21, 2007
Written By Jimmy Hibbert
Daily's name Pinky Poodle
Preceded by Reptogator Attack!
Billed with When Good Food Goes Bad
Followed by When Good Food Goes Bad

Mr Atom is the 21st episode of The Secret Show, Victor doesn't believe in Mr Atom, as he is too small to be seen...

Fluffy Bunny ShowEdit

The StoryEdit


  • Professor Professor: We have to get Mr. Atom out of Pinky Poodle.

  • Ray: Which where did they go?
  • Pinky Poodle: They went that way!

  • Professor Professor: I have the answer somewhere.
  • Ray: We're know you're in there! Come out now!

  • Professor Professor: Here it is.
  • Vic: That's your answer?
  • Ray: Charge!
  • Pinky Poodle: Get them, Ray!
  • Professor Professor: Not so fast!

  • Anita: Whoa!
  • Vic: What?
  • Professor Professor: Fly, fly up his nose!
  • Vic: What?
  • Professor Professor: Fly up Pinky Poodle's nose and get Mr. Atom!
  • Both: Right!

  • Ray: Okay, man! Get up Pinky Poodle's nose and get those agents code custard!

  • Ray: Mr. Atom's in Pinky Poodle's brain?

  • Ray: Professor Professor. Explain everything. I'll call off the boys and we're coming to help you.
  • Professor Professor: You must find Mr. Atom and get everyone out of Pinky Poodle right away!

  • Ray: Target located. Repeat, target located.