Changed Daily Name Changer is a DVD extra of The U.Z.Z. Files DVD series, it is a interactive feature that allows the viewer to change his/her name into a name from Changed Daily's Name Changer.


Changed Daily tells the viewer that his name is changed daily, however, today is his day off, so it is the viewer's turn to change his/her name by using his top secret machine, and he tells the viewer to see how he/she likes it.

Volume One NamesEdit

  • Angel Cowpat
  • Berty Not-Normal
  • Bobby Bad-Breath
  • Daisy Banana Heads
  • Elvis Pretzel
  • Foster Sticky Face
  • Fotty Totty Potty Botty
  • Gary Toilet
  • Lady Manly Worth-Nothington
  • Leggy The Eel
  • Little Red Riding Cabbage
  • Nathan P. Puddle
  • Norris Clam Dancer
  • Orange Fudge Wedge
  • Sister Mary Fibber
  • Toffy Teeth McGurk
  • Trotty Left-Leg
  • Uncle Jennifer Beard
  • Wetty Tendrill
  • Windy Auntie Betty

Volume Two NamesEdit

  • Trotty Lefy Leg
  • Fotty Totty Potty Botty
  • Norris Clam Dancer
  • Leggy The Eel
  • Rummble Dog Biscuit
  • Flutey Nah Nah
  • Crusty Norbert
  • Fluttery Nancy Nostrils
  • Lady Green Trousers
  • Ian
  • Uncle Onkle Buncle
  • Snikky Snikky Bob
  • Alistar Spaghetti Beard
  • Runny Funnel Dib-Dabs
  • Lester Crab-Cakes
  • Great Auntie Dust-Bag
  • Eeky Bimble
  • Edwin Win-Win-Woody
  • Felicity Tooth
  • Laurence Of Hull