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"Changed daily"
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Occupation Leader of UZZ

Changed daily is the leader of UZZ (not to be mistook for the president of UZZ). His true name is unknown in the show, so he uses a phone to tell him a temporary name (which is usually embarrasing, see episodes for a list of his names). His true name is only known by a small number of people, including the world leader. He has a strong British accent


Changed daily is almost always in the meeting room of Victor and Anita. At the start of the episode he always states, by quote, "As you know, for reasons of security, my name is changed daily; today you may call me...". And then groans as his name of the day is usually humilitating (which always get's a giggle out of Victor, Anita, and Professor Professor.) After everybody laughs at his name either Secret Agent Ray presents the group with information on there next mission and/or the current trouble (from a screen behind the mantlepiece's above painting) and then changed daily tells the group the assingment, or he tells them it right away. He excels at his job of being UZZ leader, but being an agent is no longer his strong point as he hasn't performed any field work in many years. He also seems to have gained alot of weight as well (his suit hides is frame. so no one could see).


Most of Changed Daily's history is unknown, however, it is known that he was once a top secret agent (commented that he was the Victor of his time), with a partner named Lucy Woo, (Anita's Counter part). Debuted in "It's a Hamster World", Victor asked who the lady in the picture was (he has three pictures on his mantle place, the biggest one was of Lucy Woo) and explained who Lucy Woo was and that she had abandoned him and all of U.Z.Z. for Hamster Man. However, this was proven to be false, as Anita finds a note in the picture stating for Changed Daily was supposed to free her that night... from 20 years ago. After finding this out, the agents were then sent on a mission to find Lucy Woo, Changed Daily going along with them. When Changed Daily meets Lucy Woo, it turns out that Lucy Woo has kept in shape (most likely because she was forced to run on a hamster wheel for the past 20 years), and after the mission, Lucy became the new fitness instructer of U.Z.Z. (the episode ends with Lucy forcing Changed Daily to run on a Hamster's Wheel.) As it is stated above, Lucy Woo and the World Leader are the only two known people to actually know what Changed Daily's real name is. It was also commented from Lucy Woo that (his name matched him so well), thereby raising even more curiosity as to what his real name is. Another fact that is known about him is that he was raised by Nanny Poo Poo, (debated in Commando babies) implying that he may have been an orphan. Because of this, Nanny Poo Poo may also know his real name, though she shows no signs of knowing during her appearance in the show. However, she said the other kids she watched over back then used to give him mean nicknames. In the Fluffy Bunny Show segment of the episode "Secret Santa", Sweet Little Granny shows a videotape of the first Fluffy Bunny Show she ever presented, back when she used to be known as Sweet Little Girl and it's revealed Changed Daily lead a team of uzz agents to interrupt it just like Agent Ray currently does.


  • He is obsessed with keeping his mantle piece neat.
  • In a dream he had, his name was "rock justice".
  • He is strict about being on the fireplace's right, as in one episode, Victor came back from the future to save changed daily from falling a forty foot fall when the building splits in two and the right of the fireplace will be in the falling half. Changed daily at first refused to move to the left, but then was convinced. After the right fell, he returned to the right not paying attention to the fact that it was a freefall. He survived because this is a cartoon.

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